My phone experience with Jen was what I consider the ultimate in “customer service”!!! She knew the answers to my questions, was personable/pleasant – and the “icing on the cake” for me was her expertise in listening to my concerns. I just want to send out an “Atta Girl” to Jen. Faithful (due to Jen), customer of Viking Magazine Service.

– Donna Ford

I had a great experience. A.J. was very helpful. 🙂 She was very polite and I thank her for all of her help!!

– Jeanine Rivers

Today I spoke with Jen to setup partial payments on my account. Currently I am having some financial troubles and she offered to cut my payments until my troubles ease up. Jen was easy to talk with and she knew my account number without me having to give her a lot of information. I love that about your Customer Service system. All of your Customer Service Reps are extremely knowledgeable and friendly like Jen, so I know I can call and my questions will be answered the first time.

– Mary Dixon

I was having problems receiving my gift receipts. With Kim she made things so easy to understand and resolved my issue within minutes. Thank you, Kim. You’re wonderful!

– Mary Wilson

As it took so long for my magazines to start and I was receiving bonus ones, I thought that Viking had messed up my order. When I called, and was very angry, I talked to Joe. He settled me down quite easily and joyfully as he explained every detail for me. He had me enjoying my time on the phone and all of my subscriptions. Thank you, Joe. You are the best by far.

– Teri Westrom

I went online to exchange some of my magazine titles. When I didn’t find one in particular, I called the Customer Service number and Jen helped me get what I wanted. Thanks Jen.

– Carla Price-Fritch

I was a little skeptical at first, but got very great Customer Service from Jason S. They were very happy to work with me and help me out.

– Cain Benson

I just got off the phone with Jen at Viking Magazine and she was a wonderful help with me. She might be one of the best Customer Service Reps that I’ve spoken to at any company, especially in a while. In time of poor Customer Services, overseas accents, and people who don’t care about my needs, it is a refreshing change of pace to get a nice and friendly voice on the other side of the line who is willing to work closely with me and my individual needs!

– Wilson King

I had a great experience with Robert. He solved my issue like it was nothing!

– Maurice Wright

Today I had the pleasure of talking to Theresa. She showed me how to work my account online. I am very thankful for her patience with me because I was very slow on the computer. She is kind and gentle with the way she talks to you. I wish there were more people like her out there.

– Edie Huntley

I called Cathy for my Online Account Number and she was excellent. The person who first called me was awesome as well! Everyone is awesome!

– Jacob LaPlante

Hello, my name is Misty. I just wanted to let you know, Jen was very nice and answered all of my questions. She is very polite and respectful and I give her a five star rating. I’m very satisfied with your magazine company!

– Misty Tijerina

Jen was great today on the phone. She was very informative, polite, and made sure all my issues were taken care of. She was a perfect example of fabulous Customer Service!

– Tanya Szymberski

Cathy was so very helpful and courteous. A real pleasure to talk with her. She was very patient in answering my questions. As a result I understand where we stand on all our subscriptions.

– Jay Walker

Jen was an amazing help, fast and ready to help me. She really gave me a great customer service experience that make me happy to have chosen Viking Magazine.

– Erika Martin

Ryan W. helped me with a payment concern on my account. He was very pleasant and helpful. He satisfied my concern quickly and efficiently. He also explained the terms and was able to answer all of my questions.

– Stef Simich

I am a new customer and I just got off the phone with Kim. She was a great help to me, my wife and family!

– Larry Gooden

I called Viking Magazine and talked to Jen. She is a very caring person and willing to help you. My experience with Viking Magazine and its Representative, Jen has been a delightful one. If it wasn’t for Jen being such a good and caring rep I would have cancelled my order. I wish all representatives from other companies were as pleasant and caring as Jen.

– Linda Wiggins

The Customer Service is really great. I am putting it in for all of the Customer Service Representatives. They are really great people in trying to help customers out.

– Tiffany Thomas

Jason S. was a great guy and very nice and understanding. He helped me to get my payments lowered and made me feel welcome. I got to change one of my magazines at the same time. He was very helpful and he put a smile on my face and he’s even working on his birthday. Thank you, Jason.

– Linda Gerber

I called Viking today to cancel my subscriptions and spoke to Mr. Jason S. When I called I was very frustrated because our financial circumstances had changed and I did not think we could afford this anymore. Jason not only worked out a better payment plan, he put me in a much better mood. He was helpful, nice to talk to, and actually quite funny. So far I have had a great experience with Viking. Thanks, Jason! Sincerely Karen.

– Karen Godwin

Spoke to Theresa this morning. She was very well spoken, informative, and helpful. You’ve got a good person on your team guys!

– Auria Moore

Great Service. Cathy was great and was able to help me with all of my needs. She was easy to talk to and was fast with what I needed. She was a great delight for my day. I could tell she talked with a smile. Thanks again, Cathy for your time!

– Tanya Cragholm

I spoke with A.J. today. She was a pro and very nice. Companies need more people like that who know how to talk to other people. She spoke very clearly.

– Fred Boyd

I subscribed for the magazine service about 2 months ago. I called in today because I am receiving a couple of magazines I didn’t order. Theresa was very helpful and it turns out these extra magazines are actually promotional items. So, not only am I getting the magazines I paid for, but I am getting a few bonus ones too. I also got an email with e-gift cards totaling $250.00 as a bonus. I would say that $50 / month for 12 months to get all these subscriptions for 3 years is definitely worth it!

– April Protas

I called in today to cancel my service and I talked to Jen. She was very, very nice and polite and understood my problem. She immediately explained some things I did not understand and began to work on it for me. She satisfied me with her solutions and an unhappy customer became a satisfied customer. Thank you Jen, keep up the good work! I understand why you’ve been there for seven years. You’re a KEEPER. Thank you for your service.

– Beverly Corrales

Robert was very helpful in adjusting my payment dates to accommodate my needs, and he adjusted my package to a more affordable plan.

– Stephanie Martinez

I love the Customer Service that I got from A.J. at ext. 6206. She gave me great Customer Service. Thanks so much.

– Aquila Gooch

Love my magazines! The people are always friendly. Jen and I had a great time talking on the phone today. She was very helpful!

– Kayli Neumann

Joe was so, so, so, so good. I’ll give him a 10. I love Viking Magazine. All the staff are so cool. That is why I’m giving them 100% thanks!

– James Prendergast

I called to check up on my list of magazines because Vibe magazines had been cancelled and replaced with Shape magazine. I called and had it switched out for Paper magazine but last week I received an issue of Shape. I spoke to Ryan. He explained everything to me; that my subscription for Paper magazine was still active and answered other questions I had pertaining to my account. Ryan was very helpful, very respectful. Please thank Ryan again for the service I received today.

– Troy Lewis

I was ready to cancel my subscription but Robert was able to get the price down to a more reasonable payment. Pleasant attitude and great personality.

– Andrea Johnson

Jen was a great help. She answered my questions about my account and help me navigate through the online process. Thanks Jen.

– Angela Ramirez

Kim did a really good job on answering my questions that I had about the gift. I really appreciate her work. She was lovely to speak to and she was very polite and nice.

– Vadim Kotov

A.J. was informative, polite and professional. I rate her job performance a 10.

– Tommy Biggs

I appreciate the help from one of your representatives named Jen. She helped me change the magazines I wanted and assisted me with all the other questions I asked.

– Tara Williams

I contacted the call center today and spoke with Cathy. She was very helpful and friendly. She answered all my questions and made really great suggestions and was an all around joy to speak to. I usually avoid calling into a call center but she made everything so quick and easy. Great Customer Service!

– Rose Truong

I just spoke to Cathy. She was very friendly and cheerful. I had a few questions and she answered them with a smile and ease. Her knowledge and informative answers really opened my understanding of my accounts. We even had a few laughs. She made customer service very helpful. I am going to call her from now on. Thanks, Cathy and thank you, Viking Magazine, for having Cathy available for all us customers!

– Joni Torie

I talked with Robert and he gave me pretty good Customer Service. He helped me out with my concerns and ensured me that he was willing to help me in the future.

– Princetta Miller

Earlier today I called the Customer Service at VMS to cancel my payment, but Zoe helped me with my payment options and made me feel real good in continuing my service here. She made a payment plan that will allow me to reduce the stress. Thank you so much Zoe for making my day!

– Leon Jordan

Today I spoke with Zoe and made arrangements to settle my account. It was an excellent experience. She was professional, courteous and human at the same time. It has been my experience that the people at Viking Magazine understand they are dealing with people and that sometimes things happen and the customer needs understanding about the situation and help making adjustments with his/her account. They have always been willing to do this and never made me feel judged. Thank you for that.

– Alan Roach

I called and spoke with Jason. He was the best of help today and made me a better deal now than what I got when I first signed up. I wanted to let you know I appreciate it and thanks a lot for the wonderful help. I would say you did a wonderful job and thanks again.

– Brett Gaines

I’m a newer customer to this company and I have been guided through the whole process by Robert since day one. He has always been very informative and helpful while also being courteous and patient with me. So to sum this up, Robert has made me feel very informed and content with this whole experience.

– Amy Fenwick

Robert was very helpful. I am on a fixed income and after writing my bills for this month I realized I did not have enough to pay and Robert put me on a different package with lower payments each month. That will help me a lot. Thank you, Robert!

– Joyce Vorpe

I spoke with Theresa concerning my account. She was very professional, answered all my questions and very detailed. She was kind, which gave me reassurance in this company. I will continue business with this company because of her.

– Jessicka Beckwith

Jason helped me understand what was going on with my order. He was a big help. Thank you all for your service!

– Donny Moyer

I spoke with one of the Viking Magazine Customer Service Agents a few days ago, the agent’s name is Jenn and she was very professional. She answered all of my questions and remained friendly throughout our conversation. I definitely appreciate her good customer service skills.

– Mishara Davis

Ryan did a great job and was wonderful to talk to. He answered all my questions too! When I call again I will ask for Ryan again please!

– Mark Borquez

Every time I call Viking Magazine with any questions or concerns the people are very nice and helpful. I am completely satisfied with their services. Today I spoke with A.J. and she answered all my questions and helped with my magazine needs very quickly and in a pleasant manner. Thank you A.J. and everyone with whom I have spoken to in the past. Keep up the great work. 🙂

– Inna Orlovskaya

Cathy served me today. She was very nice, handled my needs and I am 100% pleased!

– Bianca Rodrigues

I talked to Robert about helping me with my magazine order. He really worked good for me!

– Patricia Mathewson

Today I called and spoke with Brandon (ext: 6205) and I can’t begin to explain how much he helped me out. Brandon was able to provide this [order] number to me. I was back and forth with questions, information, magazine switches, etc. and he was very patient with me!! He is very good at his job and I was very pleased when I hung up the phone.

– Jessica Cain

I had the very good pleasure of speaking with Theresa today at Viking Magazine regarding my account. She was very pleasant and exhibited great Customer Service. She was able to help me with my inquiry and said If I had any additional questions to feel free to call back. What great Customer Service! Thank you, Theresa!

– Sabrina Ross

I spoke with Jen today to help me clear up a bank account issue and she was excellent. She made sure the correct paper work was faxed to my bank immediately and I greatly appreciated her quick and friendly service. I look forward to getting that kind of service every time. Thank you.

– Doreen Sanchez

Jason S. was very nice to walk me through the entire process of my concerns. He is very knowledgeable with every aspect of his department. I would not have any concerns recommending him and this Magazine service for anyone. Jason, you are awesome. Thanks for all your help.

– Janie McHaffie

The people at Viking Magazine have been nothing but great to me. I love the service I have gotten from them. There have been times that I was not going to be able to make a payment or even a full payment and with a quick phone call they were so easy to change things up for me. Never once did they ever say no or that it couldn’t be done. It’s always as easy as making a call and talking to the wonderful people like Jen or any other that you might get to pleasure to talk to.

– Mary Shockley

Brandon provided excellent Customer Service today. He gave me a lot of information and resent the coupon codes. I actually have had good Customer Service every time I’ve called…everyone is great!! Thanks so much.

– Paula Singer

Kim is great in Customer Service. It only took five minutes to correct my order. Thank you!

– Nicolette Olds

I spoke with Cathy and she was amazing, answered all my questions directly and correctly. Thank you, Cathy for an awesome experience today.

– Cecil Johnson

Theresa was able to help with my account from Viking Magazine. I am very pleased with the Customer Service provided by her today.

– Darwin Batres

I wanted to share my phone experience with Cathy at Viking Magazine today. I had certain worries about payments and gifting two of my magazines out. She took the time to explain options on payments and had the two magazines gifted out in no time. I wish more companies had such courteous and professional representatives!

– Rhonda Beasley

Today I spoke with a Customer Service Representative. She helped me out, and actually explained things to me clearly. Her name was Zoe and she gave me her extension so I can call her if I have issues. Very kind and courteous. If I have questions, I’m calling Zoe.

– Monique DeLane

A.J. was VERY helpful and completely understood my situation. She made me feel as though she wasn’t just another person who hated her job. I plan on asking to speak with her every time I need to speak with someone.

– Leslie Dievendorf

I spoke with Jen today to move the payment date and she surprised me every time with a new option for me. In the end, I was satisfied and we also enjoyed a couple of laughs about the situation.

– Andy Matteau

I spoke with Robert today and I must say it was the best Customer Service experience ever. He was very helpful. I’m very happy I was able to speak with him. Thanks Robert, you rock!

– Rafaela Colon

I received excellent Customer Service today from Cathy. She answered all of my questions and her help was great. Thank you again Cathy for all your help today. I love my magazines!

– Naomi Miller

Thanks Viking Magazine! The Customer Service Rep Cody was very nice and helpful today, Viking Magazine rocks!

– Otis Girtman

Earlier today I was a bit confused and wanted to actually cancel my subscriptions with Viking Magazine since I was not able to pull up the site the night before. So I called and spoke to Jen who was very delightful and most importantly, accommodating. She even helped me pick out my magazines. To be honest, I think it was her great energy she exerted that caught my attention. She is a true blessing and a great customer service provider. I definitely recommend her for a promotion!

– Patrick Appau

Jen was absolutely wonderful and helpful. More agents should be like her. She was to the point, very friendly and made sure I was completely satisfied before getting off the phone. I hope to speak to her next time I call!

– Karmen Carrasquillo

I would like to say that Jason S. is a great employee because he treated me well, made me want to be with your company and was very clear on how great your company is. So thanks Jason for your wonderful treatment and making my day with this wonderful company. Thanks Viking!

– Cynthia Perreault

It was nice to speak with an actual person and on that was efficient and pleasant as the young lady that I spoke with. Thank you Kim!

– Amy Towle

Jen was very helpful today. She was able to provide services and information for me without any issues.Jen was friendly and understanding with all my questions and concerns. Thanks Jen!

– Jeanise Diaz

Kim H. did a fabulous job of solving an issue with my son while he was serving overseas. Viking is very helpful to military families and their issues. Kim had our problem fixed in 24 hours and wrote a lovely email about Viking’s support of the military.

– Lisa Kistner

I lost track of my Online Account Number and got on the phone with Theresa at your office first thing. Just that quickly she took care of my problem and did so in a most friendly and engaging manner. It was nice to deal with someone that refreshing and professional. Thank you.

– Steve McMahan

I always receive great Customer Service from Viking Magazine. There is no waiting time, my questions are always answered in a polite manner and I receive my monthly issues every time. Thank you Viking Magazine for good Customer Service.

– Roberto Aldape

I called and spoke with Katie, she was GREAT. She offered me a plan I know I can afford. Katie treated me with respect and made me feel like I was her only customer!

– Suzette Trennam

I spoke with Jason S. today about this service. I was treated with a great deal of respect and he helped me to get my magazines at a price I could afford. I really appreciate that. He took care of my problem quickly and efficiently. I am looking forward to doing business with Jason in the future.

– Florence Pearson

I wanted to change my magazine title and when I mad a call Cathy was real helpful. She knew who I was by looking at my phone number on caller ID and I instantly got what I needed and I am happy with my result. Thank you, Cathy!

– Jayson Lee

I have had multiple accounts with Viking over the past few years & pretty much from the beginning have been dealing with Jen. She is so professional, friendly, polite and easy to talk to, and answers every question I have, and fixes any issues there might be with my accounts. I have had nothing but positive experiences while having Jen to help me. It makes it very easy to have someone who knows exactly what’s going in with my account all the time! Thanks Jen!

– Marisa B.

I called Customer Service to check my balance and Ryan answered. I was not too pleased with the magazine company because I had never received my free gift that was promised me. Ryan confirmed my remaining balance, I told him my issue and got off the phone. Ryan called me back, after checking my information, and apologized for the mistake, verified my email and stayed on the phone to be sure I received my $250.00 shopping discount online bundle package that was due to me. Thank you, Ryan.

– Dana Lightner

My experience with Customer Service was great thanks to Jen. She really helped me with what I needed. Thanks Jen.

– Stephanie McCaskill

Today I called about my subscription. I was wishing to change a few magazines and Cathy is the Customer Service Rep that helped me. She was absolutely great and very helpful!! Two very big thumbs up to Cathy and Viking Magazine!!! Have a great day whomever is reading this. 🙂

– Jennifer Kingbird

I spoke with Robert and he made me very happy. He helped me be able to afford my favorite magazines and now I’m extremely happy.

– DeeDee Harper

I wanted to let you know that you have a fantastic employee by the name of Zoe. She helped me get things straightened out and everything is great. She is very professional at her job. Well done Zoe. I will refer all my friends to Viking. Thank you so much!

– Frankie Reasons

I spoke with Robert today and he helped me out a lot. I was feeling like the payment was too high and he lowered them immediately. No run around, no hassle, just action. Great Customer Service the entire time.

– Cristal Christian

At first there was a pretty major discrepancy regarding my account. It had been bothering me for a few days, so I called up Customer Service and was put through to Jason S. who promptly and courteously solved the problem with no questions asked. I honestly think there should be a Jason S. working at EVERY company EVERYWHERE!

– Austin Minyard

I am glad that when I called into Viking Magazine today I was fortunate enough to have Ryan answer my call. He answered all of my questions, assisted me in viewing the website to see what magazine choices I had and, in addition, was kind enough to let me know about a payment schedule offered. I appreciate his help.

– Jane Koehler

A.J. with Customer Service was more than happy to help me and was very polite and professional. Thank you. I am very pleased with my subscriptions.

– James Kuykendall

Customer Service Representative, Tracy was very informative and took her time to go over the type of magazines and offers provided by Viking Magazine. She did not rush me and answered all my questions. She truly knows how to interact with the public on the phone. I believe the first contact made with a business is very important. She clearly “closed the deal” for me. Thank you and keep up the great work!

– Sandy Raj